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Expertise and reliability, up to date

CFT Masserini, over 70 years of experience in the textile sector

The family is active in the textile business since more than 70 years. We produce Open End Cotton yarns since 1984 for any kind of textile use: clothing, household linen, toweling, furnishing, technical textiles and knitwear are just some of the main areas of use. In a market continuously changing, where production is getting more and more fragmented and less standardized , we believe that the key successfull factors helping us to compete with our main competitors based all over the World, are the massive and constant investments in technology and the construction of close partnerships with Customers and Suppliers.


We are spinners since 1984

Our production is made on spinning machines SAURER Schlafhorst ACO8 and ACO9 that allow us to produce up to a maximum of 5 different counts at the same time on a single machine; our output per capita exceeds 200 tons per year; 10% of our demand for electricity is powered by photovoltaic systems of our property; the engines of our centrals are of efficiency class IE3; all our compressors are with inverter; our factory is entirely illuminated with LED lamps with dimmer technology controlled by sensors.


We want to preserve any relationship

When price and quality are already considered normal factors by the market, the added values that we can offer to our customers are Service, Reliability and Faithful compliance with the agreements: modern and reliable technology and a maniacal attention to "maintain a name" are permitting us to achieve our targets.

Up to date

To be ready for anything

Every year we fix ambitious programs of investment in technology and training of our workers. Our targets are the streamlining of our ICT and productive processes, an incremental use of automation and the achievement of a greater energy sustainability.

The company's competitive strength also comes from a systematic quality control on raw materials, on production processes and on finished products, as well as from a continuous training of our staff: only the best, to give the best!

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